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“Thank you Suzy for guiding us with love, intellect, compassion and wit. You are the consummate coach. So glad you are in my life.” –Kathleen D.

“I just got back from a workshop led by the hilarious and talented Suzy Becker. I’m so energized to create more!” –Wendy B.

Graphic Medicine Workshops

I’ve been working in the emerging field of graphic medicine– illustrated life narratives of caregiving, health, recovery, and illness– since before it was a twinkle in its mother’s (the field of narrative medicine’s) eye. The process of making these narratives has documented physical and mental health/wellness benefits for patients, students, professional practitioners, caregivers, etc.

Art Journaling

I started keeping an illustrated notebook when I was 8 (like my real fictional idol Harriet the Spy). I’m on my thirty-somethingth one. If you’re interested in journaling, memoir-writing, visual art, creativity, or getting unstuck, the art journaling workshop is a mix of tried-and-true writing and visual art prompts for aspiring and professional writers/artists/writer-artists/artist-writers/hacks/wannabes/whoever I left out, except for people with too much confidence.


I’ve talked to diverse audiences of diverse ages about all kinds of things, from doing what I love–writing, drawing, making you laugh, and making a difference–to parenting, humor and healing, and what’s left of the environment. It’s generally described as an emboldening, embiggening experience.

Recent talks: Live Every Day Like Your Hair Is on Fire: Creativity, Courage, and Resilience • I Had Brain Surgery, What’s Your Excuse? • Composing a Life • Letters to a Young Entrepreneur

Upcoming Events


  • The world needs more funny people: Manny’s Cowapalooza! April 29
    I was on a panel with R. Stine (Goosebumps— his books, not my emo m.o.) and someone in the audience asked us if we believed that humor could be taught. R. Stine answered immediately, no. I had a different take. I believe humor can be […]
  • Memoir/Personal Narrative Workshop at Kripalu, February 1-4
    My good friend Nancy Slonim Aronie (Writing from the Heart, Chilmark Writers’ Workshop) asked me to run her memoir workshop at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health (Berkshires) again. It’s a last minute plan, but that’s the best COVID-kind. So, in a couple of […]
  • Graphic Medicine Workshop on the Outer Cape (Cod), June 13 – 17
    I’m going back to the Truro Center for the Arts for another intimate (capped at ten students) week-long graphic medicine workshop. Take five afternoons to frame and reframe your experiences with illness, recovery, health and caregiving through the making, “reading,” and listening to illustrated narratives […]

Want to work with Suzy?

Suzy is amazing on both a personal and professional level. I have no doubt our kids will always remember her.

New Eagle Elementary School

Wayne, PA

Teachers found Suzy's presentation inspiring and full of useful ideas and strategies. They enjoyed her energy and humor immensely.

To Light the World Conference

JFK Library and Museum

I was just wondering where your next workshop is because I really want to see you again.

Aiden, age 8

Suzy's energy is contagious, very inspiring, and fun! I would come every year if I could!


Suzy was fantastic!
She deserved the standing ovation she received.

The Leever Center

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