School Visits

“The children loved her and were completely captivated.
Suzy had them excited to write, read, and draw!” –Benchmark School (Media, PA)

“You could see the children’s minds stretching and opening up.
Suzy’s teacher skills and altruism are excellent.” –John F. Kennedy Elementary (Canton, MA)

Once I started school, I never really left. I’ve been a sub, teacher, basketball coach, or visiting artist since I graduated from Brown University. I was the founding (integrated) arts teacher and taught 7th/8th grade Arts and Humanities at one of Massachusetts’ first charter schools where my daughter is now a 12th grader. (Mom, can you not?.)

Back to Schools 2023-2024!

I’ve added graphic medicine (SEL) workshops (grades 3 and up) to the mix. I am also a curriculum creation junkie and very happy to customize presentations for your classrooms. Scroll down, down, down to download a school visit flyer for more information. (Budget-friendly virtual visits are still an option.)

Building Great (like Kate) Characters 


Students learn how developing a character develops a story. I share my process, including revisions, sketches and final art while students create characters of their own using tools they can add to their writer’s kits. 

Kids Make It Better

GRADES 1.5-4

Students learn how an idea becomes a book. They also find out what motivates me and other kid activists to make the world a better place. Then they write and draw their own solutions to world problems.

Graphic Medicine

GRADES 3 and up

Through interactive writing and drawing activities, students (and teachers) build trust, develop empathy, coping tools and mental health strategies. Listen the WBUR (Boston’s NPR) segment about the workshop here.

Manny’s Cowapalooza

GRADES Pre-K – 2

Students learn where ideas come from and how they grow into books. They listen and sing along to the “hilarious” cow fact-filled story. Then they do some drawing, coloring and cow joke telling.

What’s included:

A set of books (with three or more presentations)

Book signing (with up to 50% of book sales donated back to your school)

Drawing demonstration (and drawings) where noted

Original art and artifacts

Reinforcement of Common Core State Standards

Six (plus one) traits of writing

Q&A with students

For rates, residencies, in-service or other inquiries, please use the contact form below.

Awards and Honors

“A World of Difference” Award, National Education Project of Anti-Defamation League • “Angel Among Us” Yankee Magazine • Radcliffe Creative Writing Fellow • Tilliwig Bright Eyes Award • Best Books of 2015, Bank Street • 20 Best Books of 2009 Parents • 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing, New York Public Library • Best Books of 2006, Society of Illustrators

For best results

#A. Get your students excited about the visit a week or more ahead of time. (Let me know if you need some ideas.) 

#B. Encourage each student to come up with a question. I am happy to answer any un-asked questions by email after the visit is over.

#C. Make sure your students have pencils and paper.

Watch a workshop . . .

Suzy is amazing on both a personal and professional level. I have no doubt our kids will always remember her.

New Eagle Elementary School

Wayne, PA

Teachers found Suzy's presentation inspiring and full of useful ideas and strategies. They enjoyed her energy and humor immensely.

To Light the World Conference

JFK Library and Museum

I was just wondering where your next workshop is because I really want to see you again.

Aiden, age 8

Suzy's energy is contagious, very inspiring, and fun! I would come every year if I could!


Suzy was fantastic!
She deserved the standing ovation she received.

The Leever Center

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