About Suzy

About Suzy

I always wanted to be an author—mostly because I wanted to see my name on the covers of books. (I LOVED reading books.) Luckily, I grew up to love writing. And drawing. And even more luckily, that’s what I get to do for “work.” 

I started keeping a journal when I was eight, inspired by one of my favorite books Harriet the Spy. I published my first book All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat when I was 28. I have written and illustrated six other books for kids and two books for grown ups. 

These are my three dogs: Betty, Toby, and Charley. I also have a teenager. We live in an old farmhouse in central Massachusetts.

She lives in an old farmhouse in central Massachusetts with her partner, their daughter Aurora, and three dogs.

Fun Facts:

I rode my bike across the United States, like 4,500 miles from Oregon to Virginia

I can make a four leaf clover with my tongue

I worked in the White House, the one in Washington, DC

My favorite meal is dessert. (Fruit is not a dessert.)

I am allergic to shellfish and mean people.


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