About Suzy Becker

About Suzy Becker
Suzy Becker has always wanted to be an author—mostly because she wanted to see her name on the covers of books. Luckily, she loves writing. And drawing. And, even more luckily, that's what she gets to do for "work."

Suzy started keeping a scrapbook-journal with drawings, postcards, ticket stubs, used napkins from favorite restaurants, dog tags, etc. when she was 8. (She still has all of them in a box in her attic.) She published her first book, All I Need to Know I Learned from My Cat when she was 28. She has written and illustrated five other books: My Dog's the World's Best Dog, Manny's Cows, Books Are for Reading, Kids Make It Better: A Write-in, Draw-in Journal, Kate the Great #1: Except When She's Not and two books for grown-ups called I Had Brain Surgery, What's Your Excuse? and One Good Egg.

Before she was an author/illustrator, Suzy had a number of other jobs, including lemonade stand owner (age 7), telemarketer (age 15), and synthetic mohair factory worker (age 20). After she graduated from Brown University, she rode her bicycle from Oregon to Virginia and then she became a waitress and bartender. Suzy started a greeting card company when she was 25. She helped to start a charter school and she started her own HIV/AIDS bike-a-thon, which has raised over $1,000,000 for children and adults living with HIV/AIDS (11,000 times what her lemonade stand raised for UNICEF).

Suzy lives in an old farmhouse in central Massachusetts with her partner, her daughter Aurora, a dog and a cat. If you want Suzy to visit your school, please write to her school visit agent Janet Zade . (Spelling is not important.) If you want Suzy to visit your house, please write a lot of stories, draw a lot of pictures, clean your room, get a lot of ice cream, and if possible a camel or a kitten or a puppy, then write to Suzy . (Spelling is not important.)

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