Ride FAR

Suzy Becker founded the Ride For AIDS Resources in 1989. It was the country's first, and longest continuously (every two years) operating HIV/AIDS bike-a-thon.

Back in 1989, there were 5 million people living with HIV/AIDS worldwide. No one, including Suzy, ever thought that HIV/AIDS would go on to infect 33 million. No one, especially Suzy, ever thought she'd still be riding twenty years later.

Every odd-numbered year, twenty-five amateur cyclists bicycled one hundred miles a day for five days to raise money, awareness, and compassion for children and adults living with HIV/AIDS. Thousands of contributing individuals, businesses, and communities helped Ride FAR raise over $1,100,000. And since Ride FAR never had any paid staff, advertising, or overhead and absolutely everything (from bananas and bike parts to beds) was donated, so all of that money went directly to services for children and adults with HIV/AIDS.

updated: 6 years ago