Kate the Great #1

Except When She's Not

“Becker’s first illustrated novel falls neatly in line with…series such as Big Nate and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, particularly with regards to Kate’s insouciant tone, exaggerations, and silly illustrations, full of jokes.” –Booklist
“Becker does an excellent job of channeling the behind-the-adults’-backs humor and friendship frustrations of the middle school crowd and Kate’s doodles provide extra sass to this promising series launch.” –Publishers Weekly
“Fans of Dork Diaries and Babymouse will likely find a kindred spirit in Kate, in the latest of illustrated offerings.” –School Library Journal

Kate is a middle sister. Suzy is a middle sister. Kate plays the flute. Suzy used to play the flute. Suzy had a best friend Brooke (still does, different Brooke), and an art teacher named Mrs. Petty. But the real Mrs. Petty actually kicked Suzy out of art class in 5th grade. Plus Suzy’s never been partial to Skittles. And even though Kate’s been compared with other protagonists: Harriet M. (The Spy) Welch, Ramona (The Pest) Quimby, Greg Heffley, (Big) Nate Wright, and Nikki (Dork Diarist) Maxwell… Kate’s her own character. “Refreshingly nice,” by some people’s standards. “A spitfire,” by others’.
Kate’s not perfect, but she’s always perfectly herself—and that (among at least fifty-five other things) is what makes her great.
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Awards & Honors Best Books of 2015 Humor/Ages 9 - 12, Bank Street (Starred review)

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