One Good Egg

An Illustrated Memoir

"Touching and very absolutely beautiful book about love and determination that will be enjoyed by a wide variety of readers. Becker's fantastic, on-point cartoon illustrations cover all manner of observations and worries, and every woman who has ever been pregnant will relate." —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
“This lighthearted tale of the making of a modern family will provide a much-needed repose for readers on their journey to parenthood” —Library Journal
“A worthwhile investment for anyone going through infertility treatment and anyone else who just wants a good chuckle.” —Booklist
“Suzy Becker is a wonderful writer, hilarious, touching and sweet.” —Anne Lamott, author of Help, Thanks, Wow and Operating Instructions
“When Becker explained that love at first sight is a fairy tale notion, I wanted to jump through the pages and tell her that love at first sight is real and it happens with books such as this one, which drew me in from the very first page. Becker takes us with her from deciding to have a child, on a rocky journey to pregnancy, and then the sweet aftermath.  While you will desperately want Suzy to reach parenthood, you won't want the book to end (and may end up turning the last pages a few extra times just to make sure that there is nothing more to read).” —Melissa Ford, author of Life from Scratch and Navigating the Land of If

It took Suzy Becker fifteen years to decide to have a baby, and then another four before she pushed one out. It only took her fourteen years to write this book-- the one she meant to write (about the Baby Decision) while she was a Creative Writing Fellow at Harvard back in 1999. It’s a book about the Baby Decision, getting pregnant, and very early parenting. And it has something like 350 illustrations. (If you don't mind waiting another two years, she’ll give you an exact count.)  

updated: 4 years ago