Kids Make it Better

A Write-in, Draw-in Journal for 6 – 10 year-olds
“It is never too early to let children know they can make a difference. That’s the wonderful message of this necessary–and adorable–book.”
–Carol Bellamy, former Executive Director of UNICEF

Problem: “What would you do to improve our schools?”
Solution (by Robert, age 8): “Put chocolate milk in the water fountains.”  
Suzy Becker asks our youngest problem-solvers to solve 24 world problems—everything from fixing the hole in the ozone to mending a broken heart. Each “problem” begins with a question and gives one kid’s solution (with a full-color Suzy Becker illustration). Then, it’s the journaler’s turn—a page to write in (and another page with a Suzy Becker frame to draw in) his or her own solution. There are sidebars about kids under the age of 10 who have already made a difference, more sidebars about kids' imaginary solutions that really work and a Make It Better Action Plan to put all the ideas and inspiration to work.
Change the world, pass it on!

Awards & Honors
Tillywig Bright Eyes Award, 2010

Educators, Scout Leaders, Librarians:
Download copies of the KIDS MAKE IT BETTER ACTIVITY GUIDE, extra solution paper, the MAKE IT BETTER ACTION PLAN and participant certificates. (Just click on the icons on the right side of this page.)

updated: 4 years ago