Kate The Great #2

Winner Takes All

“The whole book comes across as a breezy, enjoyable excursion... A zippy little visit with a likable 10-year-old.” –Kirkus

Yes, she may!
And, you don’t have to be Albert Einstein (or Malala or Eleanor Roosevelt or Confucius or any of Kate Geller’s other heroes) to know that winning has something to do with being great. Or that being great has something to do with winning-- but the question is, exactly how much?
In her second installment on greatitude (the first is here), ten-year-old Kate’s knowledge is tested as she faces more friendship problems challenges, a couple of school disasters projects, and a sisterly lie secret.
While everyone around her (and her trusty Magic K8 ball) appears to have all the answers, Kate has to come up with her own definition of “winner” (which is now in her personal dictionary, right after “verboten” and “voracious”).
Winner Takes All is the sequel the Bank Street award-winning Kate the Great: Except When She’s Not, about which The Horn Book Review wrote, “May Kate continue to be this great!” (Please see first line.)

updated: 4 years ago